Tuesday, September 01, 2009

The goings on at Holly Hill

Jackson Turns 2!!
"I ride my horsey, Mommy"

Visiting Stephens family in Alabama!

The kids LOVED it, I thought it smelled bad.

She wanted us to but a chicken on the way home to live at the house!!

Being Silly!

Jackson's Very small birthday party :(

Anna and I have made it a habit that when I get off from work late, we go up and check on the progress of the house...I usually get off at 11pm, or 1 am....she likes her quality time with me ;)

This is Grant, my sister's "horse"....Madeline painted him.

Madeline also painted my sister....this is why it takes so long to get anything done....I love them!

For our anniversary, Stephen surprised me with a overnight stay at the Ellis hotel in Atlanta, it was the hotel that burned in the 40s and many people lost their lives....I wanted to stay and take a nap, but we went out anyway;)

I love him.

Our good friends, the Striplehoffs and their kids helped paint the house one day, when we were gone....when we came home, this was painted in our kitchen...too sweet!

The new mantle in the kitchen

The outside of the house...cannot wait till Landscaping time!!

Today was madeline's second day of pre 4 and jackson's first day of pre 2!! They are getting so BIG...it is sad, yet wonderful. I am so proud of them.

Daddy and Jackson on his big day!!

In the new house!!! My plan is to take their picture every year here!!! This is the staircase going up to the addition.....i am going to take some nice pics of the house, and post before and after pictures.

Hard to get one with them both smiling! The inspector comes today for the final....as soon as was pass that, we can move in!!!! So exciting!!!


J. et K. said...

1. I love your glasses!
2. Great picture of the kids and Queenie
3. Madeline's little earrings and mini-buns (not sure what that's called) are adorable. She's so cute!
4. Jackson looks so much like you! But I love the pictures of him with Stephen.
5. Great family picture at his birthday party!
7. Thanks for the pictures!!!

Chris and Kate Borders said...

Yeah!!!! Been thinking so much about you guys. Can't wait to see those house pics and to hear about the inspection and move in. The kitchen looks AWESOME! So glad you got a little time away for your anniversary - you guys look fantastic!

Love the picture-on-the-stairs-every-year idea!

So...are you coming in early December???
Love you guys,

Anonymous said...

I had about given up on your updates; glad to see it. I hear you are in the house. We can't wait for those pictures and to see you and the house in a couple of months.


Anonymous said...

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